About the Author


Food lover.


Photographer (sometimes).


Excitable (always).

The reason for writing this blog is that it’s like having an open dialogue with you, Dearest Reader. Whether you’re an avid food lover, a boy trying to find an honest review of a restaurant to take a girl to, somebody in need of one of my more bizzare recipes, somebody with an open mind who wants to soak up my culinary habits, or my Mum who I have forced to read the blog to keep up the numbers, I want to connect with you. I like to share my knowledge and experiences the same way I like to share my food: a little bit for you and perhaps you’ll share back with me. That’s what it’s all about.

You also probably want to know my credentials too, huh? Can’t have just any old person writing for you now, can you? Sheesh, you’re demanding. I admit, I am no chef (although I am a thoughtful, modest, messy cook) but I have met some of the best (Guy Grossi, Neil Perry, the various chefs at Noma…) and have wined and dined my way in circles around this city and the world (I love travel, ‘my other blog is a travel blog…’). I’m also Melbourne born and bred and have lived on both sides of the Yarra. I’m non-side-ist when it comes to eating out.

I’m not a faceless blog, I’m a living being, so I’ll also sometimes share bits of my life with you. All characters; however, are representations of those family and friends who I share these dining experiences with and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is unintentional.



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