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Quint Cafe

The night after my boyfriend’s memorable 25th surprise party, we banded together a group of 8 of us to walk down to Victoria Street for Sunday brunch before contemplating the horror that was the scene of the party crime.

T and his girlfriend S, as well as most of her housemates, have been many times to Quint and heralded it the local breakfast joint of choice for the cheap and easy breakfast. As you know, I’ve been to Victoria Street a lot recently for dinner, so I was interested to see how we’d fare searching for breakfast down there.

I have to say, I was disappointed.

Disappointed in the food, which was extremely mediocre. I ordered the ‘Atlantic’ to fulfil my need for scrambled eggs and salmon, coffee to wake the hell up. Disappointed in the service; S explained that she asks them every single time to cook her eggs longer and for a side of mushrooms which NEVER COME. Disappointed.

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Ticha Thai

So it was a rushed date night a few weeks ago when the Boy and I needed to get a good, cheap meal and keep it quite local. We were tired, stressed and a little bit overwhelmed by all of the moving we’d been doing that week. I missed the old Thai date nights down in Moonee Ponds, so I suggested Thai… and I managed to pick a winner.

Ticha Thai is located a little further down Victoria Street, away from the busy strip. It wasn’t particularly busy for a Friday night, but it filled up as we were being served. One thing to note about coming here is that it is BYO, including beer. They don’t have anything on offer, but then again, Thai Iced Tea really does the trick (like a dessert and drink all in one… yum) so we didn’t miss out on much.

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