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Min Lokal

So, my first local breakfast joint, ‘Min Lokal’, or my local in Swedish. I was put onto it by K from my German class – we got to do a whole class talking cafes (mainly about Austria, but hey, we compared and judged) and then (as is the way of Melbournians) we started talking about our favourite cafes (in Melbourne, none of them in Europe… just to rub it in).

With great excitement I made a brunch date with The Boy and we met up after our respective weekend exercise activities (his, the ‘hell ride’ to Mt Eliza; mine, Bikram Yoga) and drove to Min Lokal. Yes, I am aware I could probably walk from my place to there in 10-15 minutes, but I was VERY hungry and very lazy.

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meals from the Melbourne metropolis

Good Afternoon, dearest Reader.

When I was a little girl, I used to have to be coaxed to eat my food. I admit to hating cooked carrots (a la Christopher Robin) and later on, to avoiding assembling anything in the kitchen at all cost. Mainly because of the dishes factor. If I wasn’t a ‘winner’ (which, hey, if you had to eat as much food as the Russian side of the family put on your plate, you’d feel like a winner too if you actually finished), then I couldn’t have my ‘treats’ (usually something involving custard…delicious).

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