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Minh Minh

What do you do when you’re drunk of a Friday evening and need somewhere to go for deliciously rich Viet food? You come to Victoria Street. Once we’d confessed that we were only still learning the inroads of eating out in Richmond, the boy’s best mate and his girlfriend packed us up and shipped us off to Vietnam. I mean, Minh Minh.

I don’t think that I really appreciated how good the food is on offer down Victoria Street. I have had yet to try anything that hasn’t been, frankly, less than surprising (and less than $15 a meal). When you’ve gone and blown a wad of dough (heh, cooking pun) on drinks all afternoon (that is, on top of any free work drinks one may have already consumed) what you’re after is satisfying food for a good price.

And that’s what we got.
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I’ve mentioned that the boy has recently moved to Richmond? Last weekend, in fact. Straight off the bat I mentioned it would give us an opportunity to go out and find nice breakfast and dinner places around the area. To counter this, he mentioned that it would give us an opportunity to explore all of the pubs and get hilariously drunk on a frequent basis.

That’s men for you.

Luckily when you’re far too lazy to be making bacon and eggs at home of a weekend (which would never happen at my house, although my Mum confesses to feeding my Dad this on a weekly basis) there are always breakfast options around. And they’re delicious.

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