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Mt View Hotel

In keeping with my posts on pub food, I’m going to keep this one pretty simple.

Mountain View is a pretty huge complex of a pub (we sat up top, outside, where I’m guessing the view is) which serves your pretty stock-standard pub fare: schnitzels, steak sandwiches, burgers, parmas. Here is a version of the Parma – see the slather of cheese suffocating the poor chicken breast that is heinously large as to conjure an image of a giant chook which will haunt you in your dreams tonight:

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British Crown Hotel

Do you like beer? Do you like pizza? Here’s a very simple idea for dinner then: get yourself down to the British Crown.

They do $3 pizzas. And guess what? They’re not bad, either! The bases are very thin and kind of look and feel like your little sister’s attempt at making a pizza base, but I prefer their crunchiness to, say, an over-sweet and puffed up version (the kind that the takeaway places make). The toppings are many and varied and are applied sparingly, just like a good traditional Italian pizza.

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Mountain Goat Brewery

I’ve been gunning to write this review for a while as I had such a lip smacking visit when we went. The Boy had been wanting to try this out for a while, all hidden up in the northern reaches of Richmond, but we kept on getting distracted on the only opening nights – Wednesday (from 5pm, tours from 6:30) and Friday (from 5pm). Even when you walk into the awesome warehouse space decked out with large tables and informal bar tables, you can’t get distracted from the brewery’s main purpose: beer. The boxes are stacked above the bar to a hair-raising height…

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