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Old Kingdom

If you love duck, you’ll love Old Kingdom.

I am a self-confessed duck addict: from Peking to Paris I’ve loved my duck a thousand different ways, but when the craving comes knocking, you know you’re guaranteed to find me in Old Kingdom. This place is a Melbourne Institution (seem to be saying that a lot recently… I feel a ‘top 10’ post coming on…) and like all good institutions, it’s hard to get a seat. So call up in advance.

When you call, they will ask you “How many people? How many ducks?” – so hilarious is this matter of fact way of ordering your dinner, I have been referring to the restaurant as the ‘how many ducks’ place. At $55 per duck, this questioning of your duck capacity isn’t arbitrary, it’s a matter of resourcing. The standard rule of thumb is one duck per 2-3 people. We had 4 people, including two ravenous males, so we went with 2 ducks. No part of the duck goes to waste, it is used in 3 separate dishes – for your gastronomical pleasure.

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Ticha Thai

So it was a rushed date night a few weeks ago when the Boy and I needed to get a good, cheap meal and keep it quite local. We were tired, stressed and a little bit overwhelmed by all of the moving we’d been doing that week. I missed the old Thai date nights down in Moonee Ponds, so I suggested Thai… and I managed to pick a winner.

Ticha Thai is located a little further down Victoria Street, away from the busy strip. It wasn’t particularly busy for a Friday night, but it filled up as we were being served. One thing to note about coming here is that it is BYO, including beer. They don’t have anything on offer, but then again, Thai Iced Tea really does the trick (like a dessert and drink all in one… yum) so we didn’t miss out on much.

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pho sure

One of E’s favourite things about going to get Pho for lunch at work is making as many Pho-puns as possible. The more cringe-worthy, the better. The title is a tribute to his wit.

He totally missed out today though! We went for Pho at Melbourne Vietnam Noodle House on Swanston Street, which is the perfect distance for the walk back to work on a full pho belly. Given the recent desire to move away from Pho Dzung, citing its MSG-erific condiments and slightly wilting ingredients, H led us to MV Noodle House.

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