Manchester Press

What is more wonderful than a really good hot cup of coffee?

Well, a hot cup of coffee with a face on it.

Manchester Press was kind of hiding from us when we were wandering up that Elizabeth/Bourke part of the city a few weeks ago. My lunching partner C was was sure she remembered the ‘look’ of the laneway up which it is hidden. Luckily for my rumbling tummy, she was right. It’s in an unassuming laneway in an old industrial building, converted. Very typical Melbourne. It’s also turning into a bit of a typical Melbourne tourist spot for those in the food-know, you know.

Here’s a bunny. Bunnies are cute. This one looks like he’s sitting on a washing machine while it’s on spin cycle, but nevermind.

As exciting as it is to have an opportunity to go and lunch at some of Melbourne’s most lauded spots, it is even more exciting when you get a table close to the back (for photo purposes) – straight away – and you can share your food with your parnter. Win-win.

I actually had a hard time of it, picking which ones we were going to chow down on. The options are pretty varied and there are substantial choices for the vegetarian and the health-conscious. We ordered the salmon bagel (it’s a classic), which came loaded with salty little capers on a soft fresh bagel coated in cream cheese. There may have even been a hint or two of dill.

Our other bagel choice this time was the smooshed avocado and feta bagel, which is topped with pine nuts and rocquette – and some burst of flavour cherry tomatoes. I love the combination of good fats with some fresh ingredients and I’d have to say the avo/feta combination is by far one of my favourites.

You know, bagels don’t look huge, but they are certainly filling. It’s the density of the bread that gets you in the end.

Manchester Press on Urbanspoon

Ambience: 10/10 (pulled off Melbourne warehouse chic without getting too many people on milk crates)
Service: 9/10 (hilariously, the cashier actually can’t count change. At least he recovered the balance when we put it in his tip jar)
Food: 8.5/10
Value for money: 8/10
Score (food is weighted double): 88%


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