Mt View Hotel

In keeping with my posts on pub food, I’m going to keep this one pretty simple.

Mountain View is a pretty huge complex of a pub (we sat up top, outside, where I’m guessing the view is) which serves your pretty stock-standard pub fare: schnitzels, steak sandwiches, burgers, parmas. Here is a version of the Parma – see the slather of cheese suffocating the poor chicken breast that is heinously large as to conjure an image of a giant chook which will haunt you in your dreams tonight:

The food is nothing incredible. In fact, if I hadn’t been in practically the worst mood ever, this certainly would’ve brought it down a few notches; mainly because we’d tried to eat here on a Sunday night at 9pm (yeah, kind of ridiculous, I know) and been knocked back as the kitchen had already closed.

I opted for the hamburger…. god, nearly spelt that with ‘hand’ – I got pulled up a while ago for writing ‘handburger’ instead of HAM-burger’ and haven’t lived it down since. My whole life I have believed the humble hamburger was supposed to be a burger for your hands. Silly me! The one at Mountain View came with a knife and fork, not that eating with utensils was necessarily encouraged.

If it’s your standard pub fare that isn’t going to give you food poisioning that you’re after, here is your place. I’m sure it’s a very nice place to hang out when the weather is lovely and admire the ‘view’ (I’m guessing it’s of the city) but don’t expect much in the way of gastronomical delight. If you actually have a say in the matter, I’d skip this one and go for Mountain Goat Brewery instead.

Mt View Hotel on Urbanspoon

Ambience: 4/10
Service: 6/10
Food: 5/10
Value for money: 8/10
Score (food is weighted double): 56%


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