Teppanyaki is a lot like spectator sport: there’s thrilling performances (and feats of athleticism), a great arena (the teppanyaki grill), aaaaand…. plenty of annoying fans. Why is it that every time I go to Miyako to have teppanyaki I’m bombarded on all sides by the slightly racist and ignorant comments of the rabble?

To the two Teppanyaki chefs: “Are you guys brothers?? Twins? You look the same!” (They do not look related). This wasn’t just once either, it was a few times. Also, a very agitated and frantic guy asks his girlfriend if they can bring drinks into the main teppanyaki area, then not a minute later, “I’m very excited about teppanyaki” says the girl, to which her boyfriend replies “Yeah, as long as we can have drinks” (clearly hanging out for some bar options).

(Yeah, I’m aware this is an awesome photo)

I’m only having a little go. You’ve got to take in the whole experience – because it’s delicious and includes quite a show too (if you’re up for catching things in your mouth or stacks of bowls of rice). For me, part of that show was sitting next to this comedic lot and enjoying the first time again with them.

We opted for the teppanyaki menu, the set banquet: one Meat Trio ($68) and one Vegetable ($58) to share.  Usually, you’re avoiding a restaurant’s banquet as it is a quick way to capitalise on your indecision by loading you up with a selection of random dishes, but the banquet here is perfect to give you a taste of the best of teppanyaki.

With our selection, we had some edamame to start. Even a complementary shot of sake and apple juice. I’d never even heard of the combination before, but I quite liked it (Any new alcohol+fruit juice combination can step up to the list of Alcohol Heaven: Nocello&Lime, Amaro&Orange, Malibu&Pineapple). The ones at Miyako aren’t super-salty but they’re fresh (but not so fresh as to have a caterpillar in them like at Chocolate Buddha!)

Next, harumaki and vegetable rolls (sadly gone before I could take a photo) with a miso soup. Nothing special about either, but we’re just whetting the appetite at this stage.

While this was going on, our man of the hour, Peter (cringe), was introduced and promptly began rubbing down the hotplate with the oils, sauteeing and getting down to the entertaining part of the cooking. Then our amazing succession of dishes started coming to the fore.

That’s mixed vegetables, tossed over the grill –
The succulent and juicy melt-in-your-mouth lamb

Tofu (the beautiful soft kind, browned off and laden with those mushrooms you see toasting in oil in the background)

And naturally, we got a bit of a fire show with the fried rice (and caught some egg rolls while we were at it) – check out the finesse of our fine chef:

No trip is complete without wiping up our grubby faces and hands with the warm wet hand towels before tucking into the green tea ice cream; perfect size to end the (filling) meal nicely. I love how creamy it is without being overly sweet; refreshing and cool.

Please check out:
Miyako on Urbanspoon

And so for the final verdict:

Ambience: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10
Score (food is weighted double): 82%


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