Quint Cafe

The night after my boyfriend’s memorable 25th surprise party, we banded together a group of 8 of us to walk down to Victoria Street for Sunday brunch before contemplating the horror that was the scene of the party crime.

T and his girlfriend S, as well as most of her housemates, have been many times to Quint and heralded it the local breakfast joint of choice for the cheap and easy breakfast. As you know, I’ve been to Victoria Street a lot recently for dinner, so I was interested to see how we’d fare searching for breakfast down there.

I have to say, I was disappointed.

Disappointed in the food, which was extremely mediocre. I ordered the ‘Atlantic’ to fulfil my need for scrambled eggs and salmon, coffee to wake the hell up. Disappointed in the service; S explained that she asks them every single time to cook her eggs longer and for a side of mushrooms which NEVER COME. Disappointed.

The eggs were mediocre, I mean, even I can cook creamier and more delcious eggs. I also asked for an extra piece of bread with which to get the optimal amount of bread-egg-salmon (and feta, I can’t forget the feta) ratio. The waitress asked my what kind of bread and I said ‘Oh, sourdough if you have it’. I got a bit of SQUARE WHITE TOAST. Which, if you know me at all, is pretty much the bane of my existence. Plain white bread is pretty much the same as glue for all it does to your insides. But that’s another story.

The salmon was kind of yuck and the whole thing just sounded so delicious on paper, what with the feta and the spinach as well, but it was a dud.

Why would you come here? Still not sure. Richmond is bubbling with so many good places with delicious coffee and nice food (see? just a short tram ride up Church Street) so I really don’t know why you’d waste your money, unless it’s quantity you’re after – that’s one thing this place does well.

Quint Cafe on Urbanspoon

Ambience: 5/10
Service: 1/10
Food: 2/10
Value for money: 4/10
Score (food is weighted double): 28%


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