Where I’ve been

If you’re wondering where I’ve been recently, I’ve had a few months off to complete my professional certification. When I say ‘a few months off’ I mean, from everything – seeing friends, family, exercise, doing the washing, taking long baths with a glass of wine… that sort of thing. The result is that I’ve had to pick up the pieces of my life and sort of start to bring them all back together. Oh, and I got promoted. Yay!

But doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating. In fact, I’ve been eating out A LOT. So begins my series on some of the lunches I’ve been indulging in – from the very simple to the rather more lavish. Of course, there will also be a series of ‘celebratory luches’… but I’m thinking that might have to wait until I can actually fit back into my clothes again. Ha!


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