Minh Minh

What do you do when you’re drunk of a Friday evening and need somewhere to go for deliciously rich Viet food? You come to Victoria Street. Once we’d confessed that we were only still learning the inroads of eating out in Richmond, the boy’s best mate and his girlfriend packed us up and shipped us off to Vietnam. I mean, Minh Minh.

I don’t think that I really appreciated how good the food is on offer down Victoria Street. I have had yet to try anything that hasn’t been, frankly, less than surprising (and less than $15 a meal). When you’ve gone and blown a wad of dough (heh, cooking pun) on drinks all afternoon (that is, on top of any free work drinks one may have already consumed) what you’re after is satisfying food for a good price.

And that’s what we got.
…After heading to the obligatory bottle shop across the street first (it’s BYOB).

First up, we chose our own favourites for entrees. After the thoroughly disappointing meal I had at Bokchoy Tang I was missing my crispy, crunchy san choy bau. This one was fresh, ridiculously hot, crispy and extremely satisfying – for me and for the other girlfriend S. We’re huge fans of nuts in Asian dishes and bonded over our mutual love of san choy bau.

It’s so loud (the place was completely packed), so fast (the food was out before I even realised I’d ordered hah) and really happening. Everybody is in groups of 4 or more, there were hardly any couples out for a romantic dinner – this really is a place where you come with your friends, before/after an outing.

Since we’ve all got pretty diverse tastes, what each of us came up with for mains was interesting (and also delicious). We have Chinese Broccoli (S is a genius, it was just what I needed – excuse the very drunken photo!), Lemon Chicken (I thank the boy for that… so sickly sweet but that’s what you get when you order non-traditional foods), Mongolian Beef on a sizzling plate (that was T’s order) and my suggestion… a spicy Thai Chicken Curry (although I’ve already forgotten the name of the dish)

Plenty of nomming and monsching and beer-swilling ensued. Tasty and fresh, although probably a bit heavy-handed on the sauce. I’m not saying what we get is truly authentic or whatever, but for $20 per person, I can’t complain. Even in my drunken daze I was thrilled that we had such a good meal and was thoroughly amused by the entertaining waiters and…wait for it… the dessert.

If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will!

Food: 6.5/10
Value for Money: 8.5/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 9/10

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