nom nom nuptials

This was The Boy’s first wedding that he’d been to and I think he was more than impressed. Of course, it was my best friend’s Big Day and we had the very lovely and personal service in the Bride’s backyard in the afternoon (with copious amounts of baklava nibbles, homemade – amazing) followed by the Reception at Carousel.

Now, when she first told me she was having her wedding on Friday the 13th I was a little worried. But she shook off the stigma of the 13th in favour of securing Carousel for the big Reception.

See, I’ve already given the game away. We not only survived ‘Friday the 13th – The Wedding’, we had an amazing time. I was told it was my Boss’ favourite reception place (not to give too much back story, but he’s Jewish and apparently it’s a well-known and very highly sought-after Jewish reception place) and anything he says is good usually turns out to be GREAT. So I was excited.

Imagine this: the Bride and Groom arrive, just as the sun is setting over Melbourne and Albert Park Lake, announced by the beating of drums (traditional) and a wave of dry ice smoke. It was insaneley beautiful and a spectacular entrance. Because it’s an amazing venue.

As a reception venue it’s perfect. We had great views of the skyline, the dance floor was a good size, the seating (for 150) was very comfortable and my bestie had put all of her touches on everything, layout, colours, flowers, the lot. Best of all, the dance floor opened up onto the decking (where the couple made their entrance) and we all enjoyed the summer evening out there sipping wine and smoking cigars (a nice touch arranged by the groom).

But you want to know about the food, of course!

I elected for vegetarian instead of seafood, so I have a few different dishes to show you. Firstly, entree. I scored asparagus over green bean mash with microgreens, while others enjoyed prawns with couscous, which they said was amazing. I thought mine was lovely and light, perfect for the summer evening.

Mains were beef with red wine jus, alternating with a fish dish of some kind. I haven’t had a more perfectly cooked and succulent bit of meat in quite a while, it was very melt in your mouth. I honestly don’t know how they did it for half of the people there, it’s quite a feat.

Lastly, desserts. There was the wedding cake (of course) and a creamy lemon/lime tart (from memory, no photos unfortunately), along with plates of these delectable morsels – soft vanilla sponge with a raspberry and cream topper. I think I wolfed down 5 or 6, but by this stage the pre-wedding oh-my-god-I-need-to-fit-into-my-dress mania was well over. And rightly so.

To be honest, we had a ripper of a night. As a Muslim Wedding (which we are not, but the groom’s family is and the ceremony and traditional elements were) the venue worked perfectly for all of the fun dancing and festivities (big dance floor- big plus) and it simply FELT light and airy, elegant and beautiful. If you’re considering a wedding here, I’d give it a 10/10. I’d almost do it for my own (in a few years at least, people) but that would be copying I think ;)

Not the best photo, but see how beautiful it is!


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