I’ve mentioned that the boy has recently moved to Richmond? Last weekend, in fact. Straight off the bat I mentioned it would give us an opportunity to go out and find nice breakfast and dinner places around the area. To counter this, he mentioned that it would give us an opportunity to explore all of the pubs and get hilariously drunk on a frequent basis.

That’s men for you.

Luckily when you’re far too lazy to be making bacon and eggs at home of a weekend (which would never happen at my house, although my Mum confesses to feeding my Dad this on a weekly basis) there are always breakfast options around. And they’re delicious.

A quick recommendation from newest housemate L, who had been to Torch on New Year’s Day (love places that are open on the holidays), we stepped down Swan St for a look ourselves.

It is just a small cafe, with a couple of newspaper-reading latte types out on a Tuesday morning (well, more like mid-morning) and we sat outside with an iced coffee each (hot day, you understand). I ordered mine soy and was slightly dismayed that it came with ice-cream as per a regular iced coffee. I mean, I love ice cream, but what if I was lactose intolerant? I felt the whole ‘would you like ice cream on top’ probably should’ve been asked instead of assumed.

One quick survey of the breakfast menu (which numbers something like 12-15 dishes) showed me I would happily order at least half, with some of those options not even GUILT free but also interesting and novel takes on something relatively healthy and ‘boring’.

Case in point: I ordered Acai berries (Ah-sah-ee) with banana and granola. I was curious as to what it would be like. Berries on top of some muesli? That’s what I would’ve guessed, but it was actually an almost breakfast parfait of blended and thickened Acai and Banana, topped with toasted granola which I think had been made with some honey and cinnamon. Delish! It was also cold, so perfect for the summer heat.

Actually, it looks rather insubstantial, but all of that berry and banana goodness is packed full of fibre and quickly hits the spot.

The boy went for breakfast sandwich with a poached egg, spinach, tomato and hollandaise sauce. I think I forgot to ask how it was, that was how excited I was about my breakfast (sorry, boy!)

But absolutely best of all was that when we left and I picked up the bill (because I’m a nice girlfriend like that!) it only came to $26. My parfait thing was only $10, The Boy’s sandwich was $14. Does that mean our iced coffees were each $1? Not sure about the maths skills of the waitress, but she was friendly enough and I still would’ve been happy forking out $3.5 or $4 each for the iced coffees. Or perhaps I’ve just been living in Prahran too long and prices don’t make sense any more.

GOOD value for money. VERY GOOD service (maybe I should’ve tipped her more?). GOOD coffee (although it’s always a little hard to tell with iced coffee). GOOD food and well worth another visit to try out some of the other breakfast specialties!

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