meals from the Melbourne metropolis

Good Afternoon, dearest Reader.

When I was a little girl, I used to have to be coaxed to eat my food. I admit to hating cooked carrots (a la Christopher Robin) and later on, to avoiding assembling anything in the kitchen at all cost. Mainly because of the dishes factor. If I wasn’t a ‘winner’ (which, hey, if you had to eat as much food as the Russian side of the family put on your plate, you’d feel like a winner too if you actually finished), then I couldn’t have my ‘treats’ (usually something involving custard…delicious).

But dessert was the key to my heart (and still is). It was the key that turned my indifference to eating out (or in for that matter) ravenous consumption of all that is the dining experience – the food, the people, the atmosphere, the wine…and the dessert.

At Noma, the 'Potplant'

Fast forward to today: I cook the majority of what I eat, I’m my own chef (albeit a very messy one). I admit to being a vegetarian at home and a meat-eater when out (I believe in the health reasons for eating less meat, I find this a good balance). I eat out when I can, together with the willing wallets of my friends and family, who are self-proclaimed ‘foodies’, ‘winos’ and ‘chefs’.

The Wino

I’m making a commitment to this blog; to review the places that I eat at, to open your mind to new experiences, to encourage you to explore our city, to relay the things I have learnt so far about food – but most of all – I’m hoping that you can do the same for me too.

Don’t worry, I’ll share my plate with you. Unless you have cooties.

I'm fairly sure this man does not have cooties

I still love dessert. Especially custard-based desserts. Or seemingly anything with mint.

Written down here, gentle reader,
It seems too good to be true,
But there’s a place in Melbourne City,
With my favourite fondue…
(lovingly borrowed from The Lucksmiths, “Fiction”)


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